Precision Quality & Compliance (“PQC”) is a life science regulatory group focused on providing an array of compliance services to the cannabis/hemp & pharmaceutical markets.

Rooted in the life science industries, our team of Quality, Compliance, Risk Management, & Technology professionals are perfectly positioned to help your organization establish and maintain a strong state of internal control and inspection readiness.

Servicing all sectors of the value chain, from RESEARCH to RECALL, we strive to ensure that the consumer community is protected from improperly cultivated, manufactured, or distributed products.


To proactively position our clients for success in anticipation of federal legalization in the U.S., through the deployment, harmonization, and implementation of quality and compliance standards across all sectors of the cannabis value chain.


We strive to ensure that the patient & consumer community is adequately safeguarded from improperly cultivated, manufactured, packaged, or distributed medicine & products.


Our values are deeply rooted in wellness, patient safety, product quality, and technology with a unified goal of helping people everywhere live healthier lives


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Jason Thomas

Founder & CEO

Jason is an established technology & compliance professional within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and cannabis/hemp industries with over 19 years of regulatory audit, quality control, & technology risk management experience. 

Royal Sirasala

VP of Demand & Portfolio Management

A senior governance, risk & portfolio lead serving life sciences. Royal builds compliance by design products while managing cross functional teams, projects, clients, vendors, systems and interfacing with regulatory agencies with a global presence.

Francisco Gleim

VP of Digital Marketing

Francisco is a multifaceted marketing and business development professional with an astute, methodical execution in brand growth & management, product innovation, event planning, coordination & consulting, creative tasks, and interpersonal tasks. This includes advertising, web & graphic design, product & service promotion, marketing research, digital & customer marketing as well as coordinating with other company executives in creating alignment on strategy and execution plans for the last decade.

Robert Rome

Senior Consultant

A results-oriented sales professional with extensive experience in the generic pharmaceutical and biotech industry with a strong background in sales, branding, marketing and operations.

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